The First of 2012
Friday, January 6, 2012 • 10:51 PM • 0 comments

Hello everyone. Happy New Year! Its already 2012 and this post serves as my very first post for this year. Yay! Im so happy that my blog is actually updated before school kidnaps me HAHAHA!So how's your New Year and first day of school/work? Mine was a blast :)

Like Christmas, we spent our very first New Year here at Valenzuela. Complete family, lots of foods, photos, cool fireworks, fun with relatives and Brownout - yes, minutes after the countdown, someone from the neighborhood decided to light up this freaking "goodbye philippines". Cool yowww for we still had decent photos.

After realizing that its already New Year, I became confused and started cramming because the unfinished school works are still on my cabinet and waiting for me to finally get them done plus the major 60 provisions of sales that ripped my heart into pieces.

The first day of school is daebak! My law class that has been a topic of my twitter rants for about a week is gone because our professor is not absent. And MAS is just alright and yeah, just a laid back day. But the first whole first week of class made me feel like vacation didn't actually come and I've been going to school for about a year.

And I've been obviously on the verge of mental breakdown this week, the next week and the list goes on. I can actually feel the presence of midterms cause the profs are starting to act like monsters, giving us all the works that they can think of. I hope I have enough time to study. I don't really want to spend summer in a remedial class.

Plus, plus, plus I'll be turning 19 this month! Huhu, childhood is finally saying goodbye. I hope I can celebrate this day with fun. A nice lunch or dinner will make it work. I just want a birthday cake with a "Happy Birthday Gladys" (without age haha) and a firework-like candle/cute candles on top- that is so fancy! I would love it definitely! :)

Brownout Photo! Good thing, there's this thing called "flash"
I love this photo so much! ;)

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