Oh How I Miss Thee!
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 • 12:19 AM • 0 comments

Today is the official start of my one week vacation! Hayyy, this semester is full of retarded wok loads and ridiculous happenings. I can't remember much when I had a super rest day. Im obviously getting weird with all the lucid dreaming and messed up body clock. I haven't plan on anything to do cause I just want to stay at home, to eat and to sleep without any hesitations. Yayyyyy!

Plus! Plus! Plus! Unlike last semester, Im kinda excited to check out my grades. I dont have any intention to boast but I think, I had a better chance with higher grades this semester.I seriously kept my mind straight this semester cause I wanna go to Boracay without any worries. The only thing that's been nagging me is the departmentals this summer. Hoping and crossing my fingers that it wont fall on the 22nd of April or I will be the biggest dork ever huhuhu TT_TT

So this is it! My most awaited vacation and oh how I miss thee! :)

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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