Ate Sharon and Kuya Justin's Wedding
Saturday, April 28, 2012 • 1:32 AM • 0 comments

I used to think that Church Weddings are the most beautiful among all the concepts of wedding. But it all changes when my cousin, Ate Sharon and his husband, Kuya Justin opted for a Beach Wedding. I don't know why but everything looked so pretty and magical on that day. Besides from being bongga, the ceremony is not too long so you wont get bored and will surely enjoy the wedding.Everything is so perfect and I dont see any flaws throughout the ceremony. A major plus is the very good weather and the sunset. So I immediately captured lots of good photos without any effort :p

The reception is also well coordinated. All the guests are already advised about their seat number via a wedding souvenir that is so Bora themed ^________^ My cousins and I stayed at Table 3 which is near the center stage and the LCD projector but I still need to wear my glasses cause I can't see people's faces.

The foods are so great. My favorites are the creamy fettuccini,apple streusel, blueberry cheesecake, halo-halo, the soup something .... err almost all actually lol. They had lots of foods and drinks but I didn't get a chance to try them all. The program is so majestic. They had fire dancers which are all awesome, superb and funny. They also had this big sand castle and the most awaited 10 minutes fireworks.

After the reception, the floor is already given to those who wanna dance and drink. My parents thought that we're still not legal to do that so we were not allowed for any drinks nor cocktails. Most of my cousins got wasted and they all have funny stories to share lol.

Im not being biased but I guessed this is the most beautiful wedding that I've ever attended. Best Wishes to my Ate Sharon and Kuya Justin ;)

I felt like I also wanna plan my wedding as of today haha! Though Im not planning to get married at a very young age. I just also want a very magical one. A wedding to be always remembered. LOLJK! =))

This is video shown during the reception. Credits to mr00fish of youtube who I believed is Kuya Justin kekeke~!

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