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Last April 21-23, 2012 had been a very busy day for all of us. This trip is planned 4 months ago, I guess. Well, the main event is my cousin's wedding at Boracay. And since almost all my cousins and I are first timers at Boracay, we all end up being excited.

April 21, 2012

We arrived early at the airport. But man, we ended up having a delayed flight. Though I had breakfast at home and even ate at McDo before checking in, I end up getting hungry all throughout the trip.

Our other cousins waited for us at the front of our hotel then we proceed to the rehearsals without even eating TT___TT Badtrip ang mga pinsan kong gutom lol. Instead of getting irritated, I just made myself busy by capturing the very beautiful Boracay.

Since we're staying at Station 1 (Sur Beach Hotel) we were far away from the bars, restaurants and other gimikan. We even walked a little to reach Andok's to eat. Ugggh, Im actually thinking of seafoods since we're near the beach and Manila is so deprived of these foods.

After eating, we decided to swim. Night swimming at Boracay is a big no-no. The water is too shallow! Im already at the middle and the water is still waist high plus I badly want a tan line lol. 

But what I really loved about our place is that its very peaceful, its raining men and lots of artista HAHAHAHA! Derek Ramsay was even staying at the same hotel. Seen him a couple of times eating breakfast and dinner but we didn't have a chance to had a photo with him. He's always busy and Im kinda shy lol.

April 22, 2012

My sister and I woke up early to see the beach. The weather is very chilly in the morning and the air is so inviting. Went first for a very yummy breakfast at Sur then we walked around the Station 1.

The sun is up and the ocean is very beautiful so we decided to swim with our cousins. But our cousins went to Station 3 to hmmm, I dont know.

Our whole family enjoyed the beach so much. Even my parents who are not fond of these places didn't resist the water.

Our whole clan was so busy for my Cousin's wedding. Will be doing a separate entry for this :)

April 23, 2012

Awww, our last day :( We woke up early for breakfast and to have a little swim but the sad part is, its raining hard at Boracay TT______TT
And since its raining, Im kinda hesitating if I can go over the town and buy some souvenirs and pasalubong for my friends. I packed my things early so I can just pick it up when we already checked out.

The rain became light at I guess 9:30 so I asked my mom if we can go buy my pasalubongs and she said yes. We went to the Talipapa near Station 3 and I got really really crazy going over the items. Lots of keychains, bracelets, shirts and other souvenirs that are super cheap.

Even the beach clothes and swimsuits that can be found at Manila is almost half the price. I got my friends some shirts and bracelets and we went back, its almost time to check out.

We said goodbye to our relatives cause we had different schedule of flight back home to Manila. Unlike the other day, our 2:30 pm flight had been moved out to 1:15 flight which is awesomely good, ha! We went home with our aunt, Tita Ligaya and our cousin Ate Kim. Had a good catch up with stories and almost went around the QC to visit our Tita Lydia and his Brit husband, Tito Chris who is surprisingly funny lol.

Got home at 6 pm, I guess and I felt so tired so I slept early cause I still have a school to catch tomorrow. Bora is definitely a pretty place but by next time that we visit this very beautiful beach, we should atleast stay at Station 2 or Station 3 for more fun. By then, I hope Im legal enough to party all night with my cousins with some alcohol or cocktails hahahaha loljk :)

*I posted a slideshow of photos cause Im afraid that this blog post will be so sabog if I posted lots of photos hahaha! :D*

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