Bits and Pieces
Thursday, May 10, 2012 • 7:33 PM • 0 comments

Just few updates and photos as to what I've been up to. Oh I have a super busy life. Paradox! :p

May 5, 2012
AFP Medical Center

After 19 long years, I've been able to set my soul again at the hospital where I was born lels XD Well, we actually came to visit my cousin there. Today he is celebrating his 10th birthday, unfortunately celebrated at the hospital kekeke~! Happy birthday and goodluck on your operation Ading :)

Happy 10th birthday EJ!
The Birthday Boy :D

Mother, me and AJ
My sister and I. Too bad the name of the hospital wasn't included :\

May 10, 2012
Last Day of Summer Classes

Waaaaah! Finally summer classes already ended. Among the summer classes that I've been through this one is the super laid back. We just went to SM to eat and sing then waved goodbye to each other haha.

This photo is super nice, right? :)

Eating Time! Yay :D

waiting for our favorite spot :\

Kidding around ^____^v

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