The Start of Summer Vacation
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 • 7:59 PM • 0 comments

Last week, I've been in a very very bad mood and I felt like my parents don't want me to have any fun at all. The reason for my tantrums? They didn't allow me to go for a swim with my friends. And Im the only reason why our plan didn't pursue TT____TT I actually cried the whole night because that would be the last time that we can actually have fun before senior year strike. But my tears didn't convinced them. :\

So when I knew that we will be going to Ilocos Norte, I suddenly became happy but not too excited. I just dont know why I felt so plain. I thought it would be boring cause while we will be spending our vacation there, some of our cousins are staying here at Manila. Hayyy, we cant met halfway that's why. So yeah :\
The waves are amazing!

But then, my parents, my aunt and my uncle planned to hit the beach at Currimao O______O Oh la la la, we visited Currimao beach when I was in very young that I can't remember how it looks like anymore.

We suddenly became excited! Finally a real swimming ^____________^ We went there early in the morning and stayed before noon time comes. My cousins and I sure had lots of fun.

I love this photo! ;)

With Niggah~!


Hay yay yay! Im sad that I can only share few words for this is the only highlight of my vacation at Ilocos this season. Usually my post about vacations are long and full of happiness. Plus I can only share few photos cause Im currently having a difficulty dealing with adjustment of blogspot uploader today TT______TT Btw, here's a short and retarded video of yours truly together with my Sistah!


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