Annyeong Thesis~!
Sunday, October 21, 2012 • 8:28 PM • 0 comments

First Semester is almost over and my over exhausted self is now screaming for sembreak! I only had few breaks and I actually spent it on sleeping haha! That's why I only posted proses,poems and anything literary to atleast save my self from all the PMS I've gotten into. But the thing is, Im truly happy and proud of finally finishing our thesis. Oh yeeeeeeyyyyyy!

I've been dwelling on this thing for almost 4 to 5 months and its been so fulfilling to finally finish it with a high grade. I actually lose all my faith when we were working on this thingamajigs. I experienced going to school without any sleep, the feeling of throwing up whenever we're eating, all the agitated moments, little fights with my group mates, PMS, crying moments and everything else that dealt with patience and hardwork.

Im thankful that eventhough its been a hard time for all of us, lots of people helped us in every way they can and I won't ever forget those things till I die. Because of these people, Im almost on my way of saying hello to graduation. I just can't really express how happy and thankful I am. We will be forever indebted to these people who were never once aware that they really helped us big time!

These are the photos that we included in our documentation when we were at the Manila Boys' Town Complex while were interviewing the kids. It's really a very good decision that we chose Boys' Town. The admins are very accommodating and the kids wholeheartedly answered our survey. I don't have any idea if I can see these kids again but Im still sending all my prayers and wishes to these kids to have a good life in the future :)

Photos before the defense. For the first time in my life, I felt so old hahaha! Seeing how were dressed and having our faces covered with make up, it really felt so odd :p

Hahahaha! I love them. No words can fathom how much I love them. To death lels hahahahahaha!

Annyeong Thesis~! Thank you for testing our patience, limits, friendship and money hahahaha!

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