The High School Flashback
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 • 4:32 AM • 0 comments

It was Sunday and I can't really tell that Im very laid back on this day, not exciting if I must say for my mind is still attached to school works when one of my high school classmate texted me if Im busy and if I can attend to our reunion/Anthony's Grad Celebration. It took me an hour to reply with a question haha, absurd. Im torn between my laziness slash parents' approval and my sudden urge to see my friends for I am always absent whenever they set a get together :p

But then.....

I was allowed and able to meet them! Grabe ang effort ko diyan but super worth it. When I actually saw them, I can't help but smile and hug my friends especially those who were really my close ones way way back high school.

We talked about our schools, tease each other, laugh with one another and act like we never really grew up through our parting years. We all went wild when the karaoke room suddenly turned into a  dance floor. Craaazzzzyyyy! We were dancing and pushing each other hahaha! I ended up having scars, bruises and even sauce on my fingers but I enjoyed every tick of the time with them. Maybe I only just freaked out a bit when my friend is giving me a sip of her alcohol which is a big no-no. Baka kasi malatigo ako ng nanay ko pag uwi kaya ayun pa iced tea-iced tea na lang ako sa tabi hahaha! And the songs are all cray cray. Pang disco, pang party tsaka yung mga usong kanta namin nung high school and they were dancing our trending steps during high school years jusmeeeee hahaha!

A very happy day indeed though I went home at 9:30 pm cause Im running late for LRT and as much as I wanted to stay, I've been residing in a far away place now. I never been genuinely happy ever since this semester started so its really nice to be remembered and once in a while be with these important people who will be forever a part of my life.

Its been years since we started college and I just realized that we're already growing up. And I know that somehow, when Im on my busy days, I do forgot these people who have been my great friends sooo maybe right now its time to catch up. I look forward for another reunion and another graduation celeb with them. Btw, Congrats Toenie! :)

Lovely random photos with them :)

We were all smiling in every photos. Actually some are hilarious hahahaha!

Group photos!

Eto talaga yun eh! HAHAHAHA!

(1st photo) with Arby, Eug and Onin. (2nd photo) with Aimee, Cza, Kim, Aleana, Toenie and Igi

These group photos are so nice! Sana sa susunod, class picture naman lels haha!
Credits: Thank you Arby and Angelie for the photos. Anthony and Aja, Im waiting for my magandang pagmumukha! Chos haha!

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