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Sunday, September 22, 2013 • 11:18 PM • 0 comments

Last week of Feb was actually highlighted by my Tatay's birthday :)


These two months were devoted to exams, prayers, tears and faith. Thinking about what my classmates and I had been gone to is really a crazy experience just to graduate on time. With all the deadlines and fears and the anxious waiting of official list of graduates is really the cause of my near death experience.

Oh well, after the exams, I do had lots of free time to wait and overthink about my grades or if ever I'll graduate. But then I spent most of it having the best all nighters with movies and kdramas and waking up in the afternoon with a complete 8+ hours. Lovely!

I also attended my sister's graduation. She graduated Magna Cum Laude which is actually a surprise to the fam bam mehehe.

We also had a little graduation party with some of our relatives here in Manila. A little time to tick off that too long days of waiting before my graduation.

Okay so the official list of graduating students were already posted and most of my time and feelings were thrown inside a roller coaster--- torn between my own happiness and my friends' grievances. Shit lang the terms haha!

Oh well, so one of the highlights is the grad which I dont enjoy that much because it's too early and Im not even dolled up and it's too hot after the ceremony. My little makeup that my sister put is already dripping plus the venue is out of reach of public vehicles and the major plus is that cameras were not allowed. We only resorted to photos outside the venue or low resolution phone cameras photos hahaha!

But the big and happiest highlight for me is our grad celebration in Ilocos Norte with our family and relatives. Our Lola dies last February so we actually had a very sad and lonely parting these past few months. Its kinda hard to look at it that way and I've been wondering how will the celebration be.

And it was a bang!

Hahaha! We all had fun with our relatives and the day we hit the beach! Summer time na summer time ang peg haha!

Then on that afternoon, we went to the Sand Dunes for some adventure. I would like to think that this is my cousin's graduation gift mehehe :) Lost my voice due to the intense shouting and my whole body ached due to the intense movement of that 4x4 owner. Truly is a big adventure for someone who's lazy like me *bleh*

We'll most of my time were devoted to review classes for the coming CPA Board Exam. So nothing much but hitting the books and burying my nose under my notes. Had some lunch together with friends every free time then that's it.

Half was devoted to the review and half for self realization and vacation haha! Well been prepping up for the CPA board but still yesterday we had a little party for my mom's birthday together with some relatives. Back to books again after! :)

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