Inventory of Old Things
Sunday, January 18, 2015 • 8:50 PM • 0 comments

It's already 2015 and I can't believe that Im back to blogging again. W-hell thanks for the long weekend because I finally had the time to arrange my room, organize the clutters and to feel myself again haha :p 

While sorting the old stuff, I was interrupted by the sudden discoveries of the things that we're once too important to me but forgotten through the years of priorities and the usual hustle and bustle of my world. In that moment of discovery, there's this familiar recognition of those things' worth in my life back then. Lo and behold, my collection of scrapbooks, planners, letters, camera films, school IDs, friendship bracelets, keychains, movie tickets, receipts, photos, yahoo messenger conversation printouts and other things that I can't remember where I got or as to how and why did I have them.

Some of my scrapbooks and memory filled journals since highschool
Them college planners and a debut scrapbook given as a gift by my college best friends :)

Growing up, I never thought I left behind some traces of my childhood and teenage years not only through my online blog but also to these tangible things that were now filled with alikabok hahaha! It was like trip down memory lane while I look back to these things. All I know is that Im a very sentimental person and with that comes a package of memories through these items. I dunno how many hours I was stuck, looking and laughing at my jeje problems and unending crushes at the same time crying while remembering the times of life rejections, failures, friendship misunderstandings and heartbreaks. Well, you know, teenage life hahaha :p
A page from an old scrapbook during the first two years of my college life. Back then, going out for a movie with friends and swimming during the summer was our life aside from the toxic days of studying.

High school letters that I got from my friends way back high school during our mail-a-gram and recollection. And that movie ticket purchased dated August 2011.

Letters, a camera film that was never developed, a very important friendship keychain, a box filled with movie tickets, photos, receipts, token of friendship and other little things.

I am back to those times when friends meant more than anything in life and that ridiculous belief that it will never be over. Reading old diary entries and realizing how I bet my life for petty problems that back then were too important for me. Looking at those captured photos that won't happen twice in this lifetime and how the people in those photos remained as they are no matter how they really changes through the years. The old certificates, medals and reminders of how hard work pays off. Those movie tickets and passes of events that once was shared with important people. Everything spells memories right in the feels. 

Way back then, I thought I can understand everything and love everyone. I put everything in line even for the
smallest things. I cried the hardest for the unbelievable things and laughed more with the corny ones. And I swear to God, Im actually serious at that time.

It has been years and Im already 22. So much has happened in the time that has passed. Without my knowing, I’ve been doing small and big things and undergone lots of goodbyes. And sometimes without any warning, everything is just going by so fast and that we can't hold on anymore to these moments for a long. So it's a good thing that I tried investing my time making and keeping these old things. 

I can’t believe I thought life was hard when I was 12. Fast forward ten years later, that part of my life seemed so simple. My heart remembers those years while going through my inventory of old things.Surely, it was a bittersweet adventure of coming into age and realizing greater things in life :) 

Gladys/22 years old/Philippines

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