Because Rumors
Saturday, April 4, 2015 • 10:31 PM • 0 comments

Hello everyone! Today I just finished watching Pinocchio. It's a korean drama that I've been trying to watch for months now. Since I don't have an ample time, I've been watching it during my lunch break or when I went home not yet feeling sleepy. 

I find this drama interesting. I actually find k-dramas really do interesting because of their unique plot line. But this one is really intense. It's a drama about the reality behind the media, the power of words, how an assumption without any solid evidence can ruin a person's life and most importantly rumors. This kind of story is really timely! The drama did an excellent job in depicting the job and the world of reporters. It makes viewers think twice before believing that whatever the news said is of complete truth and it also teaches us a lesson on how rumors, words and assumptions can hurt someone more than what we hope to. 

Something that never really goes away, whether you’re still in grade school or working already, is that word has a way of getting around. People will talk about you whether you like it or not. Just based on one picture, people can already can come up with a dozen of stories. It’s not worth the time to even pay attention to them. It does sometimes hurt hearing unpleasant things about yourself but you know the truth. But what if the truth gets twisted and manipulated? What if in the midst of reality, the real truth is tainted and no one believes in you because they were fed up with what they heard first? That's the thing about rumors and assumptions. People mostly believe with what they heard first and spread the words like it's nothing, leaving the the other party in a defenseless state. 

Remember the quote from William Shakespear in his play Henry IV, part 2 way back our high school literary classes? It says:

Rumour is a pipe blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures and of so easy and so plain a stop that the blunt monster with uncounted heads, the still-discordant wavering multitude, can play upon it.

Simple as, it's easy to spread rumours, because the least little thing will fuel the rumour, and the 'sound' will swell and swell until it cannot be stopped, and everyone can 'play' it. It's a cycle where all of us will play and no amout of sincere apology will make it better once a person's life is already in ruins. That's how powerful those words are.

And I guess, some of us really need to be open minded more than ever now that we all have the power to spread harm beause social media is really an easy deal for all us. We should keep in mind that we all have different perspectives to what is considered acceptable and we shouldn’t judge other people’s preferences and much more, create something that will ruin them just because it isn't acceptable to yours. Remember, words ar powerful. Atleast be responsible to yours. 

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