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Last week, I had a chance to meet my college best friends again. For me, this is a must needed break. I can still remember the past few months filled with my cloudy thoughts about work and over time. During that phase, I only wanted to sleep. I couldn't even answer text messages and online PMs if they were not work related. Cause my reason will always be, "Im busy" which in my defense is true.

In this stage, it's kinda hard to find the time to meet. Most of the time, we only resort to scheduling our meet ups months before we see each other. Albeit it's long time planning, sometimes we still can't push it due to some circumstances. This time around, after a month long planning, it finally happened!

I was stuck in the traffic jam on my way to BGC and that left my bitching rest face game on until I saw my friends. It dawned on me that I actually do miss them. We had a lot of fun---from karaoke, horror movie 'til timezone. We started the day with eating and ended up with eating too haha! It shows so much the fun things that we enjoy doing during college days.

Today, I happened to look into my collection of old photos with them. I cant imagine that it's been 6 years since we started college. I can still remember our silly times, the petty fights, the up and down of studying and the bond that we formed through those years, Looking back, I really wonder where did the time went. Cause I swear, I remember everything like it was yesterday.

Im always open to the fact that it was because of them that I stayed. During those trivial times when I really wanted to shift to another course, they were the ones who motivated me and with them, we finished that one long hard fight. We may not see each other as often as we like, but the connection and bond never gets tarnished nor changed. I hope we could stay like this until we're old :)

 At the California Pizza Kitchen. We took a long walk under the scorching heat of the sun because we only want to eat pizza hahaha!
 Karaoke feels tho we still love the good old Karaoke Hub at SM Sta.Mesa. We miss our spot there, same with Mcdo haha!
 Mirror vanity shot, as always :p
 Someone always have to make a wacky shot in a cutesy photo. Always. Hahahaha!
 Hya, Nile and Det :)
 Matchy matchy clips with my Nikki Loves!
Pre-food coma shot hahaha!

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