My First Ever Team Building
Friday, July 31, 2015 • 8:25 PM • 0 comments

It really amazes me how many things I experienced for the first ever since I started working. When I was young, I thought working life would be like being thrown in the real world, filled with workaholic people who only talks about how they hate it and would only crave for money and success. Well, at this moment, it was not at all.

Our company organized a team building for us and it was scheduled last July 25-26, 2015 which falls on Saturday and Sunday. Truth be told, I was not really looking for it because it will ruin my rest days. It also happened that I was sick during that week, making me absent for 2 days just before the event. Im still not in a good condition to join but since it was mandatory, I had no choice but to get up and participate. *insert whining self here haha*

The place is not too far and it has a nice ambiance. The air is cold, far away from pollution and noise of the capital. Suburbans life really is a must try! We first had a relay. And that was the most frightening one for me. I just passed out right before finishing it. I didn't even get to try wall climbing because Im afraid that I'll lose my consciousness again. I had fun cheering with my officemates, tho :)

My favorite part is our activity during our first night. It was like a seminar but a very interactive one where you get to understand yourself, the other people and your differences with each other. Though Im really not the type to mind or act about others different behavior (or foul behavior perhaps), I really appreciated that I can see it in a different perspective. I learned that seeing things differently and attacking in a way far different from others shouldn't be taken personally to you or to others. It really do makes sense when you try to understand people and not to judge them hastily without further knowledge as to why they were doing things like that. The second day was just full of sharing, games and exploring the area. Im still glad that I experienced this.

Credits to Kuya Aries & Ate Amsy for the photos :)

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