Mother's 55th!
Monday, September 21, 2015 • 10:53 PM • 0 comments

Monday, September 21st of the month and I was elated. Aside from having a leave on work, today's my Mother's 55th birthday and we planned to visit The Manila Ocean Park. It was then during our high school days when we talked about visiting the place. Back then, the place is not yet that huge and the attractions are mainly sea animals. It expanded more today so I guess, it's actually fine that we had our first visit there today.

I actually love family day! Far from what I enjoy during my teenage years, but having a family day once in a while is kinda special now. Everything really became different when every kid in house grew up and starting to build their own lives unlike before when everyone's dependent to their parents.

My parents posing in front of the  Manila Ocean Park :)
We went out early cause we dont wanna go home late haha! The traffic around the Metro is really crazy now so it would be a burden staying out late no matter how prepared you are that day. We went at Luneta first cause it's too early and the ocean park is not yet open. There were only few people. Most are kids practicing arnis and photographers. I dont know if it's because weekday or it's just not everyone dont find any amusement at Luneta now.

Enjoying lugaw haha!

With le parents :)

Back when I was a kid, there were lots of people there. You cant even have a photo without anyone at your back. And the photographers do have a booming business there. But today, everything's so rare. We do had the chance to have a photo taken by a photographer there and he said that their business is now "matumal" because 1)people dont invest their money having their photo taken anymore and 2) almost everyone own a camera phone or a digital camera. But it's their way of living so they cant just drop it off.

Tried my very best for this shot hahaha but I guess it went good :D

After spending some time, we finally went to Manila Ocean Park. It was like a big aquarium, a counterpart of submarine in a land form! I do have fun taking photos of the sea animals, fishes and like. But I like the best is their Toy Museum, Fish Spa & Winter Wonderland! The Toy Museum brought the child out of me. But even before, our relatives and even y friends keep on telling that Im child like. Well, I guess that happens a lot when you didn't outgrew your childhood ways haha :p

My Preciousssss~
"And with great power comes with great responsibility"
“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” 

We dine out after visiting every attraction. We wanted to do more but it's getting a bit late and we're all exhausted from walking and eating. We passed by the used to be old Manila and it's kinda rainy. I got sentimental again, which always happen everytime I remember something or whenever I have a good day.

I never thought I'll have this day. I can still remember when we celebrated my Mom's 40th birthday like it was yesterday and now she's already 55. Wow, where did time went by? It was surely fast.

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