The Christmas Party
Saturday, December 12, 2015 • 12:12 AM • 0 comments

It's my second Christmas Party in Phileco now. For this year our theme is black and white---kinda easier than we had last year but last year's was more alive and happier haha! Truth be told, Im not really in the mood to party cause 1)I feel like it's too early for a Christmas Party 2) Lots of dead air and what's not right before the party 3) I was haggard as hell even before we arrived and 4) Maybe I did expect a lot due to lots of preps that they had.

I was a part of the committee but only upon the party where we need to help on registration but it was downright crazy even before we arrived the venue. So we went out earlier cause we need to pick up the lechon only to wait for about 2 hours (for pick up and chopping!) and to fight the crazy traffic all the way. I feel so tired and dirty that I didn't wanna put on my clothes for party haha I was really opting to just go home. But then, responsibilities.

The registration is even crazier! The stubs, the names, the list, the people all sums up our stress right before everyone is safely accommodated on their respective sits. I didn't took a lot of photos too cause I dont know hahaha! Im just busy taking some videos and not in the mood for photos :p The only thing that made the atmosphere more elated than before is everyone's involvement, even those people from site. But still a Merry Christmas for the whole company! :)

Some of the highlights of the night that I made as a Vlog.

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