Best of 2015
Friday, January 1, 2016 • 3:31 AM • 0 comments

The last page of 2015 was finally done, another chapter was closed. Happy New Year everyone! Hoping you all had a good celebration with your whole fambam :) Last year was a roller coaster ride certainly not only for me but also for everyone. But what I like about New Year (no matter how cliche it maybe to say) is that you have the choice to start again. It's a gesture that no matter how difficult things are for you right now, there's a reason to smile and to celebrate. It may just be in a simple way but that's perfectly okay. Things may be far from ideal or you're in a low point in your life, but on this day, you get to choose to be happy.

2015 was not really a perfect year filled with happy things, but hey almost every year is like that. But then again, as the new year approached, there were things and people that should be left behind for us to grow to be the best version of ourselves. And nowwwwww, I had the chance to reflect on how 2015 treated me. This sounds refreshing haha! I never got to do this last year. As you can see, I only had few entries the whole year. This is so not me! But juggling working life and my lazy self, it's kinda too hard. I regret that I didn't go out more, invite friends or fams or do something adventurous/life changing/something new. It seems like I did let another year pass without any good remembrance. And this is not what I imagined it to be haha!

But thankfully, I did gain something---more on something personal. I learnt about my feelings more, what I wanted to do and dont. There were certain times that Im feeling guilty towards some people when I opposed to their choice that coincides with their feelings; I learnt that it's not being selfish. It is more of imposing what you allow people to tick on your well being. And crying fits. If the world is too much to beat at the exact second, it's never embarrassing to cry or feel about it. I dont wanna make my life a paving hell just because people cant handle vulnerability, puhlease! *rolled eyes*

So okay, here goes my video of my best of my 2015 a.k.a photos-turned-into-videos-cause-I-dont-want-my-blog-to-look-like-a-photo-album haha! Happy New Year everyone! May you all have a good 2016 ahead :)

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