Back To The Roots
Tuesday, February 2, 2016 • 11:39 PM • 0 comments

It's been hours but I still do have that post vacation excitement. I rarely do have one, If I do, they weren't dedicated to any out of town trips. Most of my vacation or long weekends (if I dont have any freaking nerve wracking OT) were all well spent at home---in my room, sleeping or going around the net. So bum and boring.

It's my Lolo's first death anniversary and my Lola's third death anniversary or waksi. So all the members of the fambam should be present. My family and I already planned the days in between by visiting Vigan, Ilocos Sur and other famous places of Ilocos Norte. Most summer of my childhood were spent at Ilocos but we rarely do have time to visit the places. And as I child,the adventure can be found in the backyard with my cousins while throwing dirt to each other hahaha!

We visited Vigan first. We arrived too early so we spent an hour or two in a transient before going around the place. The things that I've read about Vigan were not bull. It's really nostalgic and time defying! It will make you wonder about the old times, about the people who walk on that same spot, the way they live their lives without technology around---how simple everything is yet holds a sight not meant for words. I wonder. After exploring other roads and Calle Crisologo, which is actually not too long cause they were all just round about, we rode a kalesa! I am so elated by that. I was 4 years old when I first rode a kalesa in Laoag. The second time was during college days when we explore Luneta and it was just a short trip. Now, I rode a kalesa for two hours!

It's fun cause you'll able to go sight seeing without being in a hurry and it only cost 150 pesos per hour. You could even visit almost all the good sights with that. We went to Baluarte, Bell Tower, Dancing Fountain, their pottery, christmas village and more! We also got to eat Sinanglaw which is super best with fried rice with lots of garlic (Im drooling!). After that we took almost an hour ride up to Paoay---our hometown.

I could literally enumerate how lots of things changes since our grandparents died. The backyard with their used to be stock room and piggery became the bigger bathroom. It holds lots of memories cause I can still remember how I tiptoe my way just to see my Lola's pigs eating or sleeping. I like it when they're snorting whenever we call them. The bathroom that we've been using when we were kids is now an open kitchen. The used to be open kitchen is cleared out of the corner. But the most evident change that I felt is the truth that my grandparents were not there anymore. At least last year we have a body to mourn for, but now we can only rely to our lingering memories that I hope someday will not fail. The weekends are for their anniversary and each of that day bring tears. We know they dont want to be remembered sulkily but not being able to see the people you love and care about always makes me sad.

After the sad days, my cousins and I visited Malacanang of the North and Paoay Sand Dunes. We even went to the beach! I dont really know how to swim but I've got lots of love for water. I dont even care if I became darker because of the sun. And on our last night, we went to the Perya where I spent lots of my coins for some few treats.The treats can be bought by the store, but that is such a bore. It can never replace the excitement and the little teasing that you can get when you didn't win at all haha! I had fun this short vacation. Where my roots are, I know I'll always have fun.

Here's a short vlog about our recent trip :)

And some photos!

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